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Welcome to our website!  We hope you enjoy viewing some of the projects we created.  From start to finish, you want someone that is qualified to design, manage and build your project. You want quality materials to be used on your project. You want professional craftsman to work on your project. YOU WANT US to design & build your Commercial or Home Improvement projects!

The best projects begin with preparation! You should take the time to think about why you want a home improvement project on your home: 

where it will be placed, how you will use it

what features you would like on it

what materials to use

 what maintenance is involved 

 and how much you have to spend ?

1) The first step, lay out a budget for your project. This should be well thought out, with a low dollar & high dollar mark, that will give you defined goals to keep you on track. Even if you have no idea what projects like this might cost, you do know how much you can afford to spend.

2) Second step, what is the time frame to get the project completed? Take into consideration, the time of year you intend to start the project. Weather could play a big part in completing a project like this, labor and materials could be delayed.

3) Will you need a permit, if so, you will want to work with a company that can generate all the necessary plans to submit for the permit.

     How will you use your new project?       
                          Will it be used to entertain or just a place to relax!


Your project will be a direct reflection of your lifestyle!  Make a statement.

How to decide what materials will work best for your budget.  With all the different types of materials out there, how do you know which ones will be the best for you? We will help to educate you on your choice of materials. We have worked with most of the different materials out there and can give you the advantage of our experience with each material. This gives you a real life evaluation of products from a deck builder point of view not a marketing companies profit generated report.   
DO YOU NEED A PERMIT?  The typical answer would be YES!  Most towns or villages require a permit for home improvement projects. We will take care of all the drawings/plans and permit application process for you.
What will the plans cost?  The plans are included in the price of the project, however, There is a charge for the plans if you want us to design the project for you and you want other contractors to bid on these plans. If you have us build the project ,we will credit the price of the plans to the deposit on the project.

WHAT ARE THE PAYMENT OPTIONS?  We lay out the payments on a progressive schedule, much like a title company does. This gives you kind of a " pay as you go " feel. You are always seeing progress moving forward toward the next payout.

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